The Indie Royale Fall Bundle includes To the Moon, Oil Rush, and more

Indie Royale Fall Bundle

Autumn is all about change. The trees dance with color as the dried leaves crunch underfoot. We lose daylight. Heaters switch on. And your empty hard drive space has the opportunity to fill with the five games on offer from the Indie Royale Fall Bundle , a collection of potent, pumpkin-flavored titles for a current cost of $5.

Matching the minimum nets you the heart-tugger To the Moon, the visual-icious Oil Rush, the psychic sleuther Blackwell Chronicles, the "22 tredecillion" permutations of AVSEQ, and the shamanistic Reprisal. Cranking up the cash contribution bestows a bonus Makeup And Vanity Set album for your ears, of which a synth-fused sample plays in the trailer above. The minimum price increases as more purchases come in, but it also takes a cut whenever a kind soul pays above it.

Head on over to the bundle's page for more info on each of the offerings.

Omri Petitte

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