The Forest goes from nature to nightmare in new gif series

Upcoming horror adventure The Forest seems to have an appropriately complex relationship with the natural world. A new series of gifs released by developer Endnight Games shows us gentle sea turtles, bounding rabbits, and the horrific plane crash that brought you to the forest. It's a tease, but an effective and story-driven one in advance of the game's release through Steam Early Access May 30 .

Previous trailers for the first-person survival game have shown us fort building, spear fishing, and burning effigies made of skulls and twisted limbs . We've also had a peak at beautiful and glimmering caves full of rotting corpses strung up like frozen meat, making the game's Steam description sound profoundly true to the developer's concept: "Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator."

There's a dissonance here that reminds me of being a kid, sneaking through the dark woods behind my house in rural Washington state, never quite sure what was over the next ridge. Lots of times I kept going, but more often than not I turned back. The irrationality of plane crash anxiety aside, it's the kind of deep-seated fear I recalled when I first came across The Forest through Steam Greenlight nearly a year ago. This time, I'm looking forward to the not-knowing of green trees and dark places this game wants to explore.

You can check out the entire gif sequence below.

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