The Forest early access coming May 22, new trailer scarier than ever

Endnight Games has announced that its survival-horror game The Forest has a new “targeted release date” of May 22, when the game will be available on Steam Early Access. The announcement also comes with a new trailer that gives us the most comprehensive look at the game so far, and it looks even creepier that before.

There are few cool things in this trailer that we haven't seen before:

  • In terms of story, we've known since the first trailer that you end up on the mysterious island by surviving a plane crash. It wasn't clear if there were other passengers on the plane or if they'll play into the game, but you can see in this newest trailer that your character is traveling with a child.
  • We get to see some more traps in action. The game has a crafting and building system, but this is the first time we've seen traps used to take down enemies.
  • Spearfishing! This, I imagine, plays into a bigger hunting and cooking system.
  • New monsters that will give you nightmares. The more human looking enemies were scary enough. These new, bigger, tentacled horrors are outstandingly hideous, and it looks like they'll easily break through your defenses.

The Forest will support the Oculus Rift when it's released. If you're willing to spend $350, by then you might already be a proud owner of Oculus Rift Development Kit 2. For more on that, read our coverage of the announcement and hands-on impression.