The biggest news about Street Fighter 6 is in Ryu's pants

An interesting view of Ryu's assets.
(Image credit: Capcom)

Earlier this week, Capcom announced Street Fighter 6, the latest in the most iconic fighting game series in gaming. The trailer shows Ryu and Luke preparing to battle, glowering moodily at one another, and then... there's a shot looking up at the two fighters that suggests that Ryu's arms aren't the only bulk he's sporting.

It all happens at around 17 seconds, and well, there's no denying that Ryu has a sizeable bulge around the crotch. Man got dong. The discovery has been seized upon with glee by the community, and kind of already fits in with the whole 'Dad Ryu' and 'Hot Ryu' thirstiness that people have for Street Fighter's OG champ. Thanks to this trailer Wide Ryu is apparently now a meme.

The prize for best reaction may well go to YouTuber PooruBoy who, for reasons best known to themselves, set various clips to a parody of Rudy's Got the Chalk.

The reactions range from lewd fantasies to bemused delight:

Finally, Ryu's schlong did result in one of the best Street Fighter jokes I've ever seen.

There's also going to be something quite amusing about how Capcom reacts to this. It could of course have another pass at the model, perhaps lessen the tadge-bulge, or leave this fat pecker like it is. But then what will America think if Ken is revealed with no visible winkie outline or, gasp, a slightly smaller one? Capcom may be playing with fire here, and that's one part of anatomy you don't ever want to get burned.

Capcom says more info about Street Fighter 6 is coming this summer. Perhaps we'll find out more about the cast's other members.

Rich Stanton

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