Supreme gaming keyboard maker Mountain is now a be quiet! affiliate

Mountain Everest 60 gaming keyboard
(Image credit: Future)

Gaming keyboard makers, Mountain, just became a subsidiary of the Listan group, the same company that owns cooling, case, and power supply manufacturer be quiet!. That means two of our favorite makers of gaming PC gear are now sisters—essentially it's a great day to be a PC gamer.

The Mountain Everest Max has been high in our list of best gaming keyboards for some time, and as an avid wanderer, I've always resonated with Mountain's take on gaming: "Much like climbing a mountain, gaming takes you on a journey that can be fun, challenging, and exciting … It doesn’t matter what games we play; the ascension creates the experiences and memories that we love to share, our way to the top of the mountain."

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Having been acquired by Listan, the 2018-founded company is taking more than just another step in a long journey to create gaming memories, it's pairing with one of the best makers of silent fans, and other PC components, we've seen in all our years in the industry. Right now, be quiet! has entries in our best PC case guide with the Dark Base Pro 900, our list of best CPU coolers with the Pure Rock 2, and even our guide to the best power supply with the Pure Power 11 FM 550W.

A marriage made in PC gaming heaven. And Listan's CEO Stanislav Minkin is rather enthusiastic about the acquisition.

"The peripheral market has above-average growth potential in gaming, streaming and content creation." He notes that Mountain "has an impressive roadmap of new products that are sure to make a big impact. With Mountain in our ranks, we can confidently target our next goals."

With the Listan group bringing the two together with Xilence, another well respected component manufacturer, we could well see a full PC setup takeover on our hands, then. Now that Listan has top input devices in its repertoire, there's surely no stopping the company.


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