Superhot design competition winners announced

Back in January, the creators of last year's stylish time-manipulating shooter Superhot—Superhot Team—launched a design competition in conjunction with ModDB that encouraged entrants to "display [their] talents to the world". After months of entries and judging the winners of #MAKEITSUPERHOT have now been revealed. 

Despite highlighting Portal, Doom, and puzzle-inspired mods, I completely missed all three of the best-placed entries—each of which is fantastic in its own right and comes with a short demo should you wish to check it out yourself.

The overall winner is LyallCampbell's Peer-2-Pizza mod which describes itself thusly: 

"Long, long ago in 1874, the act of ordering pizza online and having it delivered to your door changed the world forever. Following decades of painstaking research and lots and lots and lots of money, nothing could prepare the world for something that would revolutionise life itself: ordering pizza online and having it delivered... ONLINE." 

In practice, that's a 3D puzzle venture that sees players launching and catching pizzas across a number of obstacle-filled levels. Here's some moving pictures to this effect:

In second, Tero Piipponen's ÜberHot is a low res Hotline Miami-styled top-down shooter which combines the latter's one-hit kill mechanic with Superhot's stop-start time manipulation. Striking the perfect balance between shooting, ducking and covering takes a bit of getting used to, however mastering its movement is an absolute joy.

And in third, KamilWdowczyk's SUPERHOT 8bit is exactly how it sounds: the original Superhot reimagined in 2D, top-down and 8-bit.

Again, demos for all three winners' mods can be found via their respective ModDB pages. Head this way for list of honourable mentions.