Superhot design competition offers publishing contract worth $50,000 as top prize

In conjunction with ModDB, the creators of last year's wonderfully stylish time-manipulating FPS Superhot—the aptly named Superhot Team—are hosting a competition which asks entrants to "display [their] talents to the world". Against Superhot-related criteria, prizes include PC peripherals, game systems, cash, and the chance to win a publishing contract with IMGN.PRO worth $50,000.

Running from today, January 17, through to February 26, the contest is split into two main categories: Games & Mods, and Arts & Crafts. Assuming entries draw inspiration from Superhot (be that art, style, mechanics, storyline, and/or UI), submissions will be judged on playability, fun factor and creativity under the former heading; and originality, skill or technique, and creativity under the latter. All entries will be marked against how much inspiration they take from the game itself.   

"Whether you're a programmer or level designer, an illustrator or filmmaker, or maybe you can knit a seriously rad scarf, the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition is open to everyone," reads the blurb on the competition's site. "The only requirement is creativity. Entrants will have the chance to win a variety of prizes including PC peripherals, game systems, and even cash. In fact, the first 50 approved submissions will get SUPERHOT swag just for entering.

"One lucky winner from the Games & Mods category will even win a $50,000 (USD) publishing contract with IMGN.PRO; a global publisher and developer whose lineup includes such titles as Spintires, Seven: The Days Long Gone, and Expeditions: Vikings."

If any of that sounds interesting, more information can be found via the contest's website—including a breakdown of prizes relevant to both competition categories. Best of luck if you plan to enter.