SUPER HOP is a wonderful bullet-time puzzle mod with free demo

Superhot Team's #MAKEITSUPERHOT contest is no longer accepting entries, however SUPER HOP was entered at the 11th hour on closing day, February 26. Mods which have captured the essence of Doom and Portal have caught my eye before now, however Pomp's time-manipulating puzzler might just be my favourite. 

Incase you missed it, the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition encouraged its entrants to get creative with the uber-stylish bullet time FPS Superhot in mind. Those competitng were encouraged to craft games, mods, or arts and crafts inspired by Superhot Team's flagship game, with winners being judged by the devs themselves, and folks from IMGN.PRO and ModDB. 

In SUPER HOP, the setup is simple: taking the basic principles of Superhot, players are tasked with making their way through a series of increasingly difficult levels and taking out bad guys with a pre set amount of bullets. The game's iconic bullet-time mode can only be accessed while jumping, and you'll often need to leverage ricochets in order to waste your foes. 

Naturally, this prompts some pretty outstanding 'Get down Mr. President' moments, all the while complimented/complicated by a fair whack of head-scratching 'how the hell do I take it out six guys with just four bullets?!' moments. Similar to top puzzlers like, say, Portal, though, the feeling of successfully working it out is second to none. 

Here's how it looks in practice: 

And if you fancy giving Pomp's work a go for yourself, head over here to download a free demo.