Doom meets Superhot in the neat and aptly named SuperDoom mod

Superhot team—the studio behind last year's uber-stylish and highly inventive shooter Superhot—launched a competition last month which encourages entrants to design mods and artwork inspired by its flagship game. Named #MAKEITSUPERHOT, the contest is judged by the devs, ModDB, and IMGN.PRO, and its top prize includes a publishing contract worth $50,000. Due to close on February 27, the latest entrant which has caught my eye is Ludus Regard's SuperDoom—a mod which, as you may expect, combines Doom with Superhot. 

Similar to how WhyNott's PORTALHOT mod melds the time-manipulating FPS with Valve's intuitive puzzler Portal, SuperDoom combines two familiar games—echoing the pixelated aesthetic of id's corridor blaster, while at the same time mirroring Superhot's chic pristine backdrops and jarring red-coloured enemies and bullets. 

Creator Ludus Regard is yet to add Superhot's distinctive slow motion-meets-bullet-time mechanic, yet it's already shaping up rather nicely. Here's the mod's first dev diary which looks at how it all works in practice: 

On its ModDB page, Ludus Regard says it's his intention to implement time-manipulation into SuperDoom this week. As it stands, incapacitating enemies by way of projectile weapons is possible, so too is punching enemy weapons from their hands and knocking them flat out by virtue of melee combos. Like Superhot, it's only possible to carry one weapon at a time, and, as you may have spotted above, bullets mimic the red trail of the mod's inspiration. 

Superhot Team's #MAKEITSUPERHOT contest kicked off on January 17 and will run through February 27. Head in this direction to see its most recent entries. 

And since we're talking Doom, why not check out this video of Doom 2 being played on a tiny display inside a single keyboard key because, well, that's pretty awesome.