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Fifth set of Steam Greenlight games greenlit: Anodyne, Distance, Organ Trail, and more

Valve has announced the fifth set of games to be promoted from Steam Greenlight to Steam distribution. The service gives everyone with a game and $100 the chance to earn a Steam distribution deal—so far, 76 games have been greenlit, and 16 of those have been completed and released on Steam. The latest batch is below:

Surgeon Simulator 2013 will make a fantastic addition to the seemingly endless cavalcade of [MLG] Pro simulation videos . [Update: by "will make a fantastic addition" I clearly meant that someone already made one last month , which is like a year in internet time.]

While these developers should be proud of their accomplishment, Valve doesn't seem too proud of Greenlight: Gabe Newell recently called the experiment "a bottleneck rather than a way for people to communicate choice." He wants to go further , doing away with "artificial shelf space scarcity" entirely. We game in exciting times.

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