Indie racing game Distance reaches Kickstarter funding

Good news for lovers of neon: Distance, the new effort from the creators of the excellent free racing game Nitronic Rush, has just been Kickstarted. Nitronic Rush was one of our surprise favourites of 2011. Made by some students from DigiPen, it was about tumbling through a tron style futuristic glowing future city in a transforming rocket car. Distance promises even more of the same, only with multiplayer, mod support and all the other bonuses that come with having an actual budget.

With only two and a half days left on the clock, the Kickstarter has just nudged over its $125,000 goal, currently standing on $128,328. Now that that's been achieved the inevitable stretch goals have been revealed. Taking the current total up to $150,000 will grant the game a full replay mode, where players can used free and fixed cameras to capture their racing prowess for inevitable YouTube montages. It'll be a tight squeak to get to that number in the next 60 hours, but based on previous late-day Kickstarter surges, it's entirely possible.

If you'd like to donate to Distance, you can do so at their Kickstarter page . If you want more information you can can check out our enormous Refract Studios interview , or read our old Nitronic Rush article. Or you can just download Nitronic Rush and try it out for yourself.