Starfield's infinite weapon glitch is your path to farming epic guns

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We pretty quickly learned that the fastest way to make money in Starfield isn't by harvesting resources or scanning planetary data or pawning stolen spaceships. It's from selling all the guns you collect while shooting your way through hordes of Starfield's space pirates and serpent fanatics.

So what if I could give you a quick shortcut to spawning tons o' guns in mere seconds without ever once putting yourself in danger? Not only could you sell the guns for extra cold hard space cash, you could wind up with some epic or legendary weapons in your holster for your next big fight.

It's done, as you might guess, with a glitch. The handy exploit, posted here by Reddit user PNWTroglodyte, runs through the steps you can take to quickly spawn a ton of random guns, and it's remarkably easy. 

All you have to do is:

  • Build an outpost beacon on a planet
  • Build a weapon case (found under Displays in the build menu, it costs 2 titanium and 1 polymer)
  • Save your game
  • Load that save
  • Open the weapon case
  • Surprise! There's a gun in it

So, you can imagine what happens if you build, say, 50 weapons cases. When you save and reload, all those cases will have a random gun in them, and some of them will be high quality epic or even legendary guns. The first time I tried it I got an epic Solstice and a box of ammo for it. Sweet. There are three different sizes of weapon cases: the smallest will spawn pistols, medium will spawn rifles, and the largest will spawn heavy weapons. They all cost the same to build, 2 titanium and 1 polymer.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

If opening dozens of weapon cases doesn't appeal to you, you can also just delete the beacon once you've reloaded your save. The cases will vanish and all the guns in those cases will be teleported into your ship's storage. If your cargo bays are full, the weapons will appear in your own inventory.

It's a pretty slick way to farm epic and legendary weapons, and not a bad way to make money by selling all the guns you don't want to keep, especially since several money-making exploits were patched out in the last Starfield update.

And if you're looking for even easier ways to spawn guns, credits, or anything else, you can try using Starfield console commands.  


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