How to spawn Starfield items by the thousands

Watermelons tumbling down a rocky hill in Starfield.
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Among the most entertaining uses of Starfield console commands is spawning dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of items to watch them tumble down hills or spill through spaceship doors. We recently stuffed a spaceship full of cheese, watermelons, and other food items just for fun, and you can too.

The command to spawn unreasonable quantities of perishable food (or anything else in Starfield) is:

  • player.PlaceAtMe [item ID] [quantity]

As an example, player.PlaceAtMe 0019121F 10000 spawns 10,000 milk cartons.

To use the console, open it by pressing the the tilde (~) key (this may be a ` on UK keyboards). You'll have to close it by pressing tilde again to accept a warning about achievements being disabled, and then reopen it to enter commands. Starfield pauses while you have the console open, so items you spawn will appear after you enter the command and close it.

The player.PlaceAtMe command spawns objects around your character in a grid, and can be used to spawn anything in Starfield with an item ID. Here are the IDs for a few food items, with example commands that spawn 1,000 of them (add a zero if you're brave).

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Milk0019121Fplayer.PlaceAtMe 0019121F 1000
Potato00003A26player.PlaceAtMe 00003A26 1000
Sandwich002543B7player.PlaceAtMe 002543B7 1000
Tomato00092B96player.PlaceAtMe 00092B96 1000
Watermelon00092B97player.PlaceAtMe 00092B97 1000
Spoon0003EDBAplayer.PlaceAtMe 0003EDBA 1000
Antique computer0036CCEFplayer.PlaceAtMe 0036CCEF 1000
Vasco000057BBplayer.PlaceAtMe 000057BB 1000

If you want to fill a room with objects, you'll want to spawn them in smaller quantities (hundreds) so that you don't wind up creating most of them outside the room, since they appear in a flat grid.

You can also add items to your inventory using player.additem [item ID] [#] and then drop them, but this is a very slow process because you have to drop them one at a time. (Dropping a stack will group the objects together in one 3D model, so 1,000 sandwiches will just appear as one sandwich.)

If you do take the time to drop items one at a time, they arrange themselves in a nice little circle around your character. Here I am attempting to summon a sandwich demon, or perhaps a demon which can only be contained by sandwich boundaries:

A Starfield character encircled by sandwiches.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

For extra fun, you might also add the setscale [#] command into the mix. Open the console, click on an object to target it, and then use setscale with the number you want to multiply its size by.

You can find more item IDs in our big Starfield console commands guide, but take particular note of the section at the end about finding item IDs yourself using the help command. There's so much junk in Starfield that you could watch 10,000 of tumble down a hill, if you can find the ID you need to spawn it.


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