How to clean the fish tank in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fish tank
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The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fish tank is one of the many hinted activities in Pyloon's Saloon on Koboh. After you head to the Forest Array and return to the Mantis and unlock the upper floor of the saloon, you can access the fish tank, though it's definitely seen better days. Like Holo Tactics, you'll have to locate an NPC who can help you out.

If you're still exploring Koboh, then you might want to know where to find more Priorite Shards to trade with Doma, or Datadiscs to decrypt with Zee for extra perks. Otherwise, here's how to clean the fish tank in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to clean the fish tank in Pyloon's Saloon 

You can find Skoova Stev at Foothill Falls (Image credit: miHoYo)

To clean the fish tank in the saloon you need to catch some fish, and for that, you'll need a fisherman. Lucky for you, there happens to be one located on Koboh. Head out of Pyloon's Saloon in Rambler's Reach and turn right to run up the slope towards the Foothill Falls in Prospector's Folly. Take the zipline up to find a waterfall and a small hovering boat at a nearby pool. This is where you meet Skoova Stev and tell him about the fish tank back at the saloon. He'll agree to help you populate it, and if you talk to him again, will catch the See Fish for the tank right then and there.

After you return to Skoova at the saloon in Rambler's Reach, you'll be able to find him at watering holes across Koboh and Jedha. Talking to him at each of these will cause him to jump into the water to catch a new fish, while he also regales you with some of his past exploits. As you catch more fish, the tank in the saloon will start to clear up. Here are the other areas in which you can find the rest of the fish:

  • Rambler's Reach Outpost, Koboh: Fingertip Garpon
  • Smuggler's Tunnels, Koboh: Barbed Hookfish
  • Gorge Crash Site, Koboh: Frilled Newt
  • Bygone Settlement, Koboh: Blue-Finned Crayfish
  • Rift Passage, Koboh: Big Mouth Faa
  • Devastated Settlement, Koboh: Blinding Ray Fish
  • Arid Flats, Jedha: Snakefish
  • Crypt of Uhrma, Jedha: Fantailed Laa
  • Mountain Ascent, Koboh: Mee Fish
  • Viscid Bog, Koboh: Glottsamcrab
  • Phon'Qi Caverns, Koboh: Viscid Lurker

Once you've caught all twelve, the tank will clear up completely so you can marvel are your aquatic collection. 

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