Snag an extra utility monitor for just $140 with a $50 gift card

Dell SE2419 monitor
(Image credit: Dell)

Need an extra IPS display for tinkering? Maybe you just want to add an extra screen to your setup. Whatever the case may be, Dell's SE2419 monitor is on sale with a gift card offer that makes this buy pretty lucrative, even if you're just thinking of dipping your toes into the water of the dual-display life. 

Dell has the SE2419 on sale for just $140, which saves you $60 off its typical price of $200. But you also get a $50 promo Visa prepaid card with your order, which essentially means you're paying about $90 for the monitor. The card can be used like cash everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, so you're getting money back for picking it up in the first place. 

This no-frills monitor doesn't have the fastest refresh rate nor the most high-quality screen on the market—just 1080p 60Hz—but for this low price, who couldn't use an extra 24 inch monitor for just $90?

Dell SE2419 Monitor | $140 at Dell (save $60)

Dell SE2419 Monitor | $140 at Dell (save $60)
Pick up this utility monitor for wherever you need another screen in your home office or gaming station. 

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