Sir, You Are Being Hunted screenshots cower from robot-inflicted doom

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is one of my most anticipated games of the summer, and new screenshots showing off breathless, terrified games of hide-and-come-kill-me aren't doing me any favors. Big Robot is just teasing me now, watching my fat little wallet run desperately across a procedurally generated British landscape.

Due sometime this month, last we heard , Sir will feature teams of tweed-wearing, shotgun-toting proper English robots hunting the player across an isolated island. With nothing but the clothes on your back and whatever tea and supplies you can scavenge from nearby villages, your task is to survive and escape. Judging from these new screenshots, getting cornered in a town won't necessarily mean game over for the prey. That said, I can't imagine a non-lethal way to get out of any of these predicaments.

We've been following Sir's development for a while, through the Kickstarter and the backers-only playable alpha phase. We'll be sure to update you when the game launches. Until then, feast your eyes on the rest of the screenshots below.