Sir, You Are Being Hunted video shows off new fog-shrouded mountain biome

The forthcoming open-world game Sir, You Are Being Hunted is edging ever closer to completion. The game's procedurally generated British landscape is getting a few new biomes in the closing months of development, and the first of which, the mountain biome, is revealed in a new trailer.

“It makes a big change to some of the stuff you'll have seen already, which was our rural countryside landscape,” says Jim Rossignol in the video. “This uses the same procedural techniques and so on, but the stuff that we're composing it from is a little different.”

The more sparsely developed mountain biomes will find players further away from lootable buildings and their living-saving bits of food and equipment. Even in short, scenery-focused videos, the game exudes a tense paranoia. Watch for the close encounter with a hunting party of shotgun-wielding robots and the quintessentially British “flask of tea” scrounged from a lonely farmhouse.

Check out previous gameplay footage of looting and hiding here . The game is scheduled to be released this July.