Sir, You Are Being Hunted successfully Kickstarted, celebrates with game footage

Steampunk survive-em-up Sir, You Are Being Hunted from PCG writer turned media-mogul-and-game-developer Jim Rossignol and his team has hit its £40,000 target and the killer robots will be deployed. That's a good thing, unless you find yourself hunted by them. Which you will. So... oops?

While the Kickstarter project is now in the realm of stretch-goals and sighs of relief however, some footage has emerged. It's alpha, apologising for bits looking - pardon the technical term here - 'pants', but should give you some idea of how the final game will play out. Just mentally add story elements, a totally different world every time, extra narration, and more robots. Polite ones. In tweed.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is due for final release next July. The Kickstarter has most of a month still to go, with its stretch goals coming very soon indeed. It's one of the first successful projects on the UK Kickstarter site, which works much like the US one, only with real money - the kind with pictures of the Queen on it - and pledges going directly into the site rather than via Amazon Payments.

( Declaration Of Interest: I have nothing to do with Sir, You Are Being Hunted. I do however regularly do work for Mr. Rossignol over on his website Rock, Paper Shotgun, and threw £10 into the pot.)