Scum is apparently getting naked butts and other bits

Butts are big in Fortnite (and James likes them, he cannot lie) but it's not the only game to see glory in the glutes. Scum, the survival game that's getting a heart attack mechanic to deal with a guy who just won't stop stuffing his face, will also soon embrace the power of the posterior. 

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Developer Gamepires didn't expand on exactly what's in store in this Wild Hunter update or how it will be imposed (exposed?) but it's reasonable to assume that bare backs also means bare fronts, which as any Rust player could tell you is something we all need more of. 

A rep declined to provide further information about what what's in the butt update. "More details coming in the next update," they said. "But categorically speaking that’s a good butt right there."

Honestly, it's a little surprising that full-on nudity isn't a part of Scum already. After all, this is a game that lets players eat people (and then barf it up after), drop a deuce from the top of a dam, and fashion masks out of human skin. By comparison, running around with your ass (and all the other bits) hanging out seems pretty tame.

Of course, that's assuming Gamepires and Devolver aren't just messing with us, and honestly you can never be entirely sure about that—butt you can be sure we'll let you know when we find out.  

Andy Chalk

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