As if Scum wasn't gross enough, now you can make masks out of human skin

Set a bunch of convicted felons loose on an island, and things are gonna get pretty dark, pretty quick. You can already butcher other people into meat hunks and eat them in Early Access survival game Scum, but today's update gives you a grisly new fashion option as well: masks you can craft from human skin.

Along with skin you'll need some rope, a sewing kit or needle, a knife, and two magnifying glasses (to make those ghastly eye-holes). And sure, you can use animal skin instead of human skin, but let's get real: if you want to be a proper monster, you're gonna want to use human skin. There's just no substitute.

To help you achieve the real boogeyman experience, 30 new caves have been added to Scum's island for you to lurk in while wearing your flesh-mask. The patch also includes a craftable .50 cal handgun and improvised shotgun which require resources like scrap metal, duct tape, nails, and wood. There's also night vision goggles which will spawn in military zones and bunkers. A handful of taunts round out the update (now you can give someone the finger before they kill you and wear your skin on their face), along with some optimization tweaks, bug fixes, and sound design changes, and a few other improvements. Full patch notes are here and there are some images below.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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