Scum's adding heart attacks to deal with a player who won't stop eating

Last month we told you about one player's quest to become the heaviest character in Scum, testing the limits of the simulationist survival game by chowing down on the undead. He's up to 400 kilograms now, by the way.

Speaking to PC Gamer at PAX Australia, Devolver Digital co-founder Graeme Struthers explained that Scum's creators are well aware of this heroic effort. "There is one guy on Reddit who has attracted quite a lot of attention because he's trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting fat," Struthers said. "The implication of that will be a heart attack, because in real life you'd reach that point. Those kind of things will start to be added in, so that's probably going to be the end of eating zombie fat."

At the moment it's possible for characters in Scum to die of hypothermia or overexertion, but a heart attack purely from overeating would be new. "This doesn't necessarily mean the end," Struthers went on to say. "He might go on a diet. He might take the view that if there's gonna be heart problems he might find another Reddit opportunity. How does he lose that weight? What exercise regime does he undertake? There could be a Scum diet book. Imagine that: Scum Diet and Exercise Regime."

Heart attacks caused by overindulgence won't necessarily make it into the next patch. What will be is a feature many more players have been asking for. "There's gonna be vehicles coming in the next update," Struthers said. An SUV and a tractor have been confirmed.

A date for the update has not been announced. "They're making sure things work before they deploy them," said Struthers. "In the background there's a great deal of testing and QA going on."

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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