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Save $350 on a pair of MSI monster gaming laptops at Best Buy

Save $350 on a pair of MSI monster gaming laptops at Best Buy
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The hot deals don't stop with Best Buy's Intel Gamer Days Event: right now you can snag a couple of MSI gaming laptops for a steal. The MSI GS Series with an RTX 2070 Max-Q is available for $1949.99 or alternatively you can go for the slightly faster RTX 2080 Max-Q for $2549.99. Buying either will save you $350 off the list price of each, and both come packaged with an i7-9750H and a 1TB SSD, making either build capable of pushing excellent framerates to the 144Hz 1080p display.

These models are some of the best gaming laptops available and will make easy work of most modern games - even the most demanding ones. The model that comes packaged with the RTX 2080 does come with an extra 16GB of memory to help utilize the extra VRAM, but $600 is a steep price to pay for the types of gains in performance you'll see from this kind of hardware. For my money, the 2070 model is the smarter purchase. Buying either model through Best Buy will also score you a free 6-month subscription to Webroot Internet Security to keep your new toy safe, as well as free copies of Control and Wolfenstein: Youngblood to help you flex that new hardware.


MSI GS75 Stealth | $1949.99 at Best Buy ($350 off)
The GS75 Stealth brings awesome refresh rates to your laptop, empowered by some serious ray tracing technology. This packs real punch and offers great bang-for-buck value.


MSI GS75 Stealth | $2549.99 at Best Buy ($350 off)
This model of the GS75 comes with all the same options as it's smaller sibling, with a little more memory and a beefier RTX 2080. 

If you're looking to take the static approach then see what we think are the best gaming PCs available right now here, and as it's unlikely you'll rely totally on the laptops's key and touch pads,don't forget to kit it out with a best gaming mouse specimen and one of the best gaming keyboards.

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