Save big on a full Logitech surround sound speaker setup today

A good headset will be enough for most people when it comes to their gaming audio, but if you've got the space, the budget, and some relaxed neighbours, nothing quite beats the booming noise of a surround sound speaker setup. Today on eBuyer you can get the Logitech Z906 system for £155 when you enter code Z906 at checkout.

 The THX Certified system has a 500W RMS total with 165W sub and five 67W speakers, and you can connect up to six devices to the system simultaneously. It has Dolby 5.1 onboard digital encoding, and you'll get a two year manufacturer's guarantee with your purchase. 

The list price is £170, as it is on Amazon, and that's the cheapest it's been since Black Friday last year. Usually you'll be paying well above £200. The benefit of buying from eBuyer today is that the price goes down to £155 after you enter the offer code.

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