Roblox wants you to interview inside Roblox to work at Roblox

I suppose there was a time when the thought of conducting interviews over Zoom or Skype was unheard of, so perhaps the idea of interviewing candidates inside virtual worlds isn't such a wild concept. Especially when, in Roblox's case, the virtual world you're interviewing inside is for the very platform you're trying to work for.

The Roblox Career Center is touted as an "immersive experience" where would-be candidates can drop in for information all about working for the company. A blog post from VP of talent acquisition Jason Buss promises it to be a place where "candidates can learn more about the complex technical challenges we are tackling and the innovation we are driving through immersive events, podcasts and conversations with Roblox employees."

There are places to go and listen to clips of Roblox's podcast while your character sits awkwardly stiff, perfectly upright with their arms sitting rigidly either side. There's also "a curated selection of books and other reading materials" to help wannabe employees prepare for interviews, plus "a variety of virtual, immersive events" that the company is planning to hold throughout the year.

Roblox even wants to start interviewing its candidates right inside the game (or experience, as they desperately want you to call it) sometime in the near future. "Coming soon, we'll be inviting candidates to conduct certain initial interviews directly within the experience," the blog post states. Personally I couldn't imagine positioning my awkwardly stiff doll next to a recruiter's equally awkwardly stiff doll to conduct an interview that could potentially shape my future, but what do I know?

I suppose it's a rather interesting concept, and one that may help first-time career hunters be more comfortable if they've grown up playing Roblox. Anyone can visit the career centre, whether they're job-hunting or not, so if you fancy learning "about Roblox on Roblox," you can head over there right now and check it now. 

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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