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Resident Evil 3 Remake locker and safe codes are strewn throughout Raccoon City and help you to unlock valuable items. A few of the safe and locker codes are brand new, but a selection of them require the same Resident Evil 2 Remake codes. Sneaking through the Raccoon City Police Station may be enough to help you remember where some of the codes are, but I'm here to help you fill the gaps in your memory, and point you in the right direction of where to find the new locations. 

RE3 Remake may be noticeably shorter than its predecessor, but it's still full of lockers and safes, with tiny clues that are just as easy to miss. Take a detour from popping zombie skulls to discover some weapon attachments, ammo, and more. Whether you're only here for the locker and safe codes, or need some clues on where to find the solutions, here's everything you need to retrieve these elusive items.

Resident Evil 3 Remake safe codes

 Raccoon City Drugstore

  • Code: 9 left, 3 right, 7 left
  • Reward: Dot Sight (Handgun)

This safe appeared in the demo, but the code has been changed. You'll be making a couple of stops around Raccoon City, between the Redstone Pharmacy and an unnamed building that belongs to the Drugstore owner.

You can find the solution by heading up the stairs to the right of the entrance to Moon's Donuts (directly opposite Jim's Crabs) and turn left to find a door at the end of the walkway. Examine the Drugstore Owner's Manual to the left of the safe. It mentions that the code is "a secret between me and my beautiful Aqua Cure queen". With that in mind, make your way over to the Redstone Pharmacy and check out the large Aqua Cure poster on the back wall. 

Raccoon City Police Station West Office (1F)

  • Code: left 9, right 15, left 7
  • Reward: Hip pouch

Here you're back in the Raccoon City Police Station, and it looks pretty much the same as it did in Resident Evil 2 Remake—and so it should as RE3's story begins just before the events of RE2. Bonus points if you remember what the safe code is from last time, which still applies.

The solution can be found if you head to the Dark Room (1F) near the bottom of the stairs. Inside is a typewriter and storage box. Next to the desk you find an Internal Memo that reveals the safe code.

Spencer Memorial Hospital Nurses Station (2F)

  • Code: 9 clockwise, 3 counterclockwise
  • Reward: Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle)

As Carlos, you come across the Nurses Station reasonably early in the hospital, but you'll need to have completed some of the main objectives to gain access to the room with the code, first. You need to find the Locker Key and ID Card work before you can proceed with this safe.

Once you've done that, head downstairs to the entrance to the Operating Room (1F) and use the ID card to access the room. Perched on the farthest cabinet on wheels from the door (around the operating table) is a 'Lost Items' sheet with the code written on it.

Resident Evil 3 Remake locker codes

Raccoon City Police Station shower room (2F)

  • Code: CAP
  • Reward: Flash Grenade (1)

The shower room locker is another throwback from RE2 Remake. As Carlos, you have some time to explore the Raccoon City Police Station, and the shower room is an important stop along the way.   

Go to the Operations Room (1F) and walk across the room and through the door ahead to enter a smaller room to find the solution. The locker is the one to the right on the back wall of the shower room. The code is scrawled on the whiteboard nearby.

Raccoon City Police Station (3F)

  • Code: DCM
  • Reward: Assault Rifle Ammo (20)

Here's another locker to bust open with Carlos. Just like the West Office (1F) safe code, the solution is in a different place to the one you may remember from RE2 Remake, however.

This one requires you to do some backtracking, but it doesn't take long. Head up to 3F to find the Safety Deposit Key on a stack of boxes just ahead of the 3F locker. Go to the Safety Deposit Room (1F) and examine the photo attached to the whiteboard to the right of the terminal to find the code. Now, head back up to 3F to access the locker.

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