How to get the bolt cutters and shotgun in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake Bolt Cutters Downtown Garage Raccoon City
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Trust me, you'll want to find the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters as early as possible. Not only is this shiny red tool integral to completing some of the main objectives in Raccoon City, they also play a huge role in you adding the shotgun to your arsenal. 

Raccoon City may be a shell of unrestrained fire and rubble, but that's not going to stop you from picking up all the items you need to get the job done. So I'm here to help you swiftly add the bolt cutters to your inventory. Then I'll move on to where you can find the RE3 shotgun, as it's chained up elsewhere in the city. 

Where to find the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters

Before getting the bolt cutters, there's something important that you need to do first. Your main priority is to find the fire hose. You can pick this up inside the Kite Bros Railway building strewn across the floor, just outside the Subway Office (room with the typewriter). 

The Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters are found in the small unnamed room connected to the Garage in the Downtown area. Here's how to get there:

  • With the fire hose in your inventory, exit the building and walk through Moon's Donuts. 
  • Walk up the stairs towards the toy shop and bear left to find a gate.
  • Head through the gate and connect the Fire Hose to the red fire hydrant to extinguish the flames. 
  • Continue forward and go through the door with the 'Repair' sign next to it. The bolt cutters are hanging on the wall ahead.

How to get the Resident Evil 3 shotgun

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M3 shotgun location 

Once you have the bolt cutters, venture Downtown again. Head back to the Kite Bros Railway building and follow the corridor round to the right to access the Subway Office. Stand in front of the gun rack and clip the chain with the bolt cutters to get your shiny new M3 shotgun. 

How to find Shotgun ammo

The M3 shotgun is a 12-gauge pump-action weapon with a four-round capacity. To get you started, here are two spots where you can find some ammo for the Shotgun: 

  • Opposite Moon's Donuts
  • In the Kite Bros Railway building

Directly opposite Moon's Donuts in the Downtown area (on the same street as the Kite Bros Railway building), is a chained gate. Snip the yellow chain with the bolt cutters and slip through. 

There are a few zombies here so lure them over to the red barrel—and keep your distance—to make quick work of them. On the table around the corner is a silver case containing five shotgun shells

You need the lockpick for the Railway building ammo, so make sure you have that in your inventory. Head to the Subway Control Room and on the far right is a silver case with a simple lock. Use the lockpick to open the case and find five more shotgun shells.

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