How to complete the vaccine puzzle in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake Vaccine Temperature Puzzle
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Brewing the cure for the T-Virus is a pretty big deal in Resident Evil 3 Remake's vaccine puzzle, you know, considering the state Raccoon City is in right now. While it's fun to explore Nest 2, there's a rather important job that needs doing. You certainly don't need a Chemistry degree to craft the vaccine, but there is a conundrum to solve. 

The clinical labs may be populated with stumbling zombies, and there are a few interesting tidbits of story to uncover, but let's focus on achieving the perfect blend of adjuvant and antigen samples. Sounds delicious, right? Whether you're just looking for the solution to the Resident Evil 3 Remake vaccine puzzle, involving temperature control, or need some help actually finding the two vaccine samples, I'm here to ensure you breeze through the Nest 2 area.

Where to find the Resident Evil 3 Adjuvant Sample

Before mixing up the lifesaving vaccine ensure you've collected the Override Key flash drive as this grants you access to all rooms in the NEST 2 facility. You can pick this up from the terminal in front of the big glass window in the large unnamed lab room on 2F. Now let's find that Adjuvant Sample:

  • Locate the Security-Locked Door on 1F and use the Override Key to enter the room. There are several enemies to handle before collecting a Green Herb, ammo, Explosive A compound and a Shipping Notice. 
  • Walk past the sealed bags hanging from the ceiling and through the door at the back of the room. Scour the room for items then head down the stairs. 
  • Push the middle (red) canister into place so that it glows blue and opens the door behind you.
  • Cross the room with the pods and take the elevator up a floor. 
  • Make your way along the metal walkway to the Incubation Room (2F) at the end to find more items. 
  • Open the drawer with the green light on it to find the Adjuvant Sample. 

Where to find the Resident Evil 3 Antigen Sample

Starting in the Incubation Room (2F), let's get your hands on the Antigen Sample:

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  • Exit the room and retrace your steps back to the room with the hanging sealed bags on 1F. This time, head upstairs and through the door to Lab 1 (2F). 
  • Interact with the Umbrella Corporation terminal to acquire the Culture Sample, which upon further inspection, is the Antigen Sample you've been searching for.

To begin cooking up a vaccine, retrace your steps once more to the large unnamed lab room on 2F—where you found the flash drive—and interact with vaccine equipment to begin the temperature control process.

How to make the vaccine

Both the Antigen and Adjuvant samples are in your inventory but there's only one slot in the machine. Combine the two vials to create the Vaccine Base and insert it into the machine. To complete the process, you need to adjust the temperature across three control settings: A, B and C. 

While numerical temperatures are displayed on the panel, there's little reason to pay much attention to them as I've helped you out with the hard work. To keep things simple focus on the words on the panel and work from left to right.    

The solution to the Resident Evil 3 vaccine puzzle is:

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  • A: Mid
  • B: High
  • C: Low

That's it. Really. You're now the proud owner of a vaccine that can prevent and cure the T-Virus. Of course, things never quite go according to plan in Resident Evil...

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