How to find the Magnum in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake Magnum .44 AE Lightning Hawk Spencer Memorial Hospital Jill
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Capcom's third remake just wouldn't be the same without the Resident Evil 3 Magnum. Popping .44 MAG rounds and hearing the chunky feedback from this cannon of a weapon feels satisfying amid the terror of this savage, zombie-infested world. 

It's certainly a great deal more effective than your handgun, which can use up a good chunk of a clip to clear your path. But swiftly exploding the heads of the ambling shufflers with the Resident Evil 3 Magnum makes navigating the mean streets of Raccoon City much safer, and much more fun. Returning RE3 fans and new players alike will no doubt want to add the Magnum to their arsenal as quickly as possible, so here's where to find the iconic weapon.

Where to find the Resident Evil 3 Remake Magnum

You find the Magnum quite late in the game, but it's easy to miss. Once you're playing as Jill in the Spencer Memorial Hospital, do the following:

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  • Head upstairs to 2F.
  • Take the door on the left to access the roof, and walk around to the well-lit door on the right.
  • Continue straight ahead towards the Nurses' Station and stop outside the door—there's no need to go in here. To your left is a stack of hospital equipment including jumbled beds and chairs. 
  • Walk over to the pile: Jill automatically crouches to crawl through the gap under the equipment.
  • Drop down into the Courtyard using the open window.
  • Open the silver case to retrieve get the Magnum.

Note: There are a few other items in other sections of the Courtyard, each of which can be accessed by going up to 2F and dropping down into the Courtyard through the open windows.

How to craft Magnum ammo 

The Magnum uses .44 MAG rounds of which it can hold eight rounds at a time. To craft a small stock of Magnum rounds, combine two High Grade Gunpowders together. Ammo for this weapon is quite difficult to come across, so use it sparingly. handgun ammo and shotgun ammo are more plentiful while playing as Jill, and assault rifle ammo is easier to find while playing as Carlos.

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