How to complete the train puzzle in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake Train Puzzle Raccoon City Jill
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Don't let the Resident Evil 3 Remake train puzzle slow you down. Skulking through the streets of Raccoon City, dodging zombies, and keeping a watchful eye out for the Nemesis is tiring work, but now it's time to catch your breath with a quick puzzle. Naturally there are some mild spoilers ahead, but if you're stuck then you're in the right place. 

Before attempting this head-scratcher, ensure you've combed the Downtown area and found all items as this sequence is quite literally your ticket out of here. There's time to have a quick scout about after completing it, but it's significantly harder to traverse the streets freely, for one large, toothy, and very angry reason. Ready? Let's get cracking with the solution to the Resident Evil 3 Remake train puzzle.

How to solve the Resident Evil 3 Remake train puzzle

The train has stopped at Redstone Park and you need to set a route to ensure its safe passage to Fox Park. Start by heading to the Kite Railway Bros building. To access this part of Downtown, walk through Moon's Donuts, turn right, and look for the red neon sign. Enter the building to find the Subway Control Room.   

The Resident Evil 3 train puzzle solution is: 

  • RE-01 
  • FA-02
  • RA-03
  • SA-02
  • FO-01

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Interested to know how you arrive at this solution? The Kite Bros Railway route map taped to the terminal has several red crosses marked on it in ink. These are the lines you cannot travel down. There are also a few numbers scrawled near the stations you need to pass through in order to get to Fox Park, but some of these are difficult to make out. 

On the left is the Railway Route Setting which is split into two columns featuring two letters and two numbers from 01-04. The letters correspond to the stations, the numbers to the line. There are five rows in total, but your starting station (Redstone Street) and destination (Fox Park) are already set. This means that you only need to fill in the middle three route settings:

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  • The first station is Faust Avenue, which can be shortened to FA. As shown on the map, the line is 02. 
  • Next you cruise on to Raccoon Central Station, which is the only station that can be RA. The line is not clearly labelled as the map is torn, but seeing as 01 and 02 are the lines directly above, you can assume this is 03. Press Enter on the Railway Route Setting to see the full view of the routes and confirm where the 03 and 04 lines run.
  • Finally, you have to pass through Saint Michael's Clock Tower before you reach Fox Park. This abbreviation is simply SA. The 02 is scribbled on the map pointing to the station.

After you watch all lines glow green and you check in with your buddy Carlos, head back to the Subway Station to continue the main story. Again, ensure that you have collected everything you want from the Downtown area as you are now primed to leave the area. Oh, and evergreen tip: watch out for Nemesis.

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