Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm get another free content pack

Red Orchestra 2 thumb

Tripwire Interactive has released a new content pack for the Second World War FPS Red Orchestra 2 and its stand-alone expansion, Rising Storm. Armored Assault 2 adds a brand new map to the game, updates a couple of old ones, and fixes a handful of bugs. And it's free!

The central feature of Armored Assault 2—Armored Assault 1 came out in September, by the way, and was also free—is the new Demyansk map, based on the 1942 battle in which encircled German troops held off a much larger Soviet force from early February to late April, before successfully breaking out. The expansion also incorporates the recent addition of light tanks to the game, adding T70 and Panzer III tanks to the Gumrak and Barashka maps.

And even though Red Orchestra 2 came out in September 2011 (and to be fair, Rising Storm is much more recently, having been released in May 2013), there are still some bugs to deal with: A couple of map exploits have been taken care of, a bug that let Soviets spawn with the MG42 and allows Germans to spawn on them has been fixed, and it's no longer possible to minimize or turn off weapon bob.

The free Armored Assault 2 content pack is available now on Steam. Tripwire has also put Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad and Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition on sale for 75 percent off, dropping them to $5 each until November 24.

Andy Chalk

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