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Red Dead Online's summer update will add robbing homesteads and other "unlawful activities"

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The previously announced early summer update for Red Dead Online is supposed to rejuvenate the standalone multiplayer with plenty of new stuff, but Rockstar Games is still keeping it vague. 

Thanks to the latest Newswire (opens in new tab) update, we at least know some previously teased "unlawful activities" will include robberies of camps and homesteads in Free Roam. Then it gets cryptic again—apart from the robberies, you should expect "further avenues for personal enrichment". At least the robberies seem to be available at no extra cost, as the post tells you they're "devoid of upfront expenditures". 

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The summer update is likely Rockstar's answer to the overall state of Red Dead Online, which is pretty… dead. So dead in fact that players started to protest the general lack of activities by dressing up as clowns last year (opens in new tab). But, apart from sporadic updates such as the new solo missions (opens in new tab) back in February, the Naturalist role, as well as new races (opens in new tab), not much has changed in the grand scheme of things. 

Robberies are a side activity in Red Dead Redemption 2, so the summer update could be an attempt to make similar missions. This from the single-player game available for online players to enjoy with friends, you know, what you ideally want from a multiplayer based on Red Dead 2. 

Fans are already hoping banks will eventually become available to rob, but apart from a few nitpicks like this, it's a widely anticipated activity. Hopefully, Rockstar will stop playing coy soon and announce an actual release date and more details. After all, it's the season for that sort of thing.