GTA Online and Red Dead Online get new races, big summer updates

GTA Online race car
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

In a new blog post, Rockstar has outlined upcoming updates for both GTA Online and Red Dead Online, and in both, the races are on. According to the post, the GTA Online summer update will, "bring back car culture in a big way". What that means is largely left vague, safe for hints at new race types, multi-party robbery missions, and new customisation options.

Ahead of this bigger update, Rockstar will introduce eight new Stunt Races on May 27, as well as seven new areas for Deadline, "soon after". For anyone who missed it previously, the Tron bike Shotaro will make a reappearance, and Survival mode will also take place in new locations throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.

Players online are referring to the upcoming update as a potential, "Tuners and Outlaws" kind of update, referencing a fan-made trailer from 2016 for a fictitious racing-focused update, which ultimately never made its way into the real game. Enthusiasm for such an update has been high in the community ever since, and now it seems the time has come.

Red Dead Online will also get new races on the 25th, including Standard and Open races, as well as Target and Open Target courses. Just like with GTA Online, Rockstar is keeping players mostly in the dark about the content of the Red Dead Online summer update, apart from mentioning a "diverse array of new missions across the world" featuring "intimidation, unsavory crimes or larger, high-stake robberies". Seems like fans of savory crimes will have to keep looking.

The updates come to GTA Online on May 27, and Red Dead Online on May 25, whereas the bigger updates will drop "later this summer".