Raft sand guide: How to get this resource

Raft sand - a small island with a raft floating off to the side
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Wondering how to get sand in Raft? It's a resource that's all around you, but it's not obvious how to collect the stuff. Redbeet's survival game has been out for a few years in early access, but now that it has its full release and a significant update, many new players are venturing into the seafaring world for the first time.

If you're still finding your sea legs in Raft, you might be reluctant to explore too much, even in shallow water because of the dangers of the shark. Don't worry though, this guide will show you exactly what to look out for, so you'll have one less thing to worry about. Here's how to get sand in Raft.

How to get sand in Raft 

The easiest place to get sand when you're starting out is to find it in the shallow waters surrounding any islands you happen to come across. Unfortunately, it's not just a case of grabbing a bucket and shovel and helping yourself: you'll need to find the deposits that yield it first.

Once you've anchored your raft near an island, either dispatch the shark with a spear or use Shark Bait to distract it. Make sure you have a hook equipped, then head into the shallows and look for deposits of sand along the bottom. Basically, you're looking for round mounds on the seabed, slightly lighter than the surrounding sand. Once you've found one, dive down and use your hook to collect it. Keep an eye on your breath meter while you're down there.

Raft sand: What is it used for 

Sand on its own isn't going to do a lot, but it's an ingredient for a few useful items that you'll need early on. You can use it to craft Wet Bricks, which can then be laid on the deck of your raft to dry. These, in turn, are then used to craft a Smelter.

Once you have a Smelter up and running, you can make all sorts of useful items, and using sand specifically gives you Glass. 

Sand can also be used in the Recycler to make Trash Cubes in a pinch, but I'd recommend using a material that's easier to farm if you want a lot of them. 

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