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How to make a Recycler in Raft

Raft Recycler
(Image credit: Axolot Games)

The Raft Recycler is a new crafting station that's arrived with The Final Chapter update. It may not sound exciting, but you'll need it if you want to use the trading posts that have popped up on some of the bigger islands. These use Raft Trash Cubes (opens in new tab) as their primary currency, and you'll need a Recycler to make them.

Raft has been around for several years in early access, but June 20 saw the watery survival game's official release, along with its biggest update so far (opens in new tab). Along with new crafting stations and other items, there are new destinations to explore and puzzles to solve, such as the potentially tricky Temperance safe code (opens in new tab). If you're keen to use your unwanted materials, here's what you need to know to make a Recycler in Raft. 

Where to find the Recycler blueprint 

To craft a Recycler, you'll need to find the blueprint for it. Luckily, it's not hard to locate it. You should find the Radio Tower early on in the main story. In fact, it will be the first major landmark you come across.

Climb to the top of the tower, and you'll find the Recycler blueprint on the whiteboard. If you're having trouble locating the Radio Tower, building a Receiver should help—it's the same place that you find the NPC, Tala.

Raft Recycler: What materials you need to craft it 

Once you've picked up the blueprint, you can learn the crafting recipe from the Research Table back on your raft. Now you're ready to make a Recycler, providing you have the required items.

The materials you need to build it are:

  • Plastic x6
  • Metal Ingot x4
  • Bolt x2
  • Circuit Board x1

Once you've crafted the Recycler, you can start dumping unwanted items into it. It will need one battery charge to work and will spit out a Trash Cube as soon as you've given it enough materials. The number of items to fill the Recycler will vary depending on the quality of the materials.

Once you have your desired number of Trash Cubes, you can take them to a trading post where you can exchange them for an array of goodies.

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