Where to find every Tarot Card in The Quarry

Quarry card location for the fool
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Trying to collect all of The Quarry Tarot Cards? These fun little narrative collectibles are a great way to tease out the potential fate of characters in the story, and try to keep them alive while the game does its darndest to end them in all sorts of gory ways. For every tarot card you grab in a chapter, resident tarot reader and not-at-all-creepy Eliza, will grant you a reading.

At the end of each chapter, Eliza explains the meaning of the tarot you grabbed, but also offers you a brief premonition of the next chapter if you choose, letting you get one up on fate if you can unravel its meaning. In this cards guide for The Quarry, I'll explain where to find them in each chapter. Luckily, when you get close the camera reveals the tarot's location, making them much easier to find.

The Quarry Tarot Cards: Where to find each one 


Quarry Tarot Card for the Fool

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The Fool

This card can be found after you drop down the ledge in the forest while playing as Laura. Walk down the left path and the camera will change to reveal the card. 

Chapter 1

Quarry Tarot Card for Temperance

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Once you enter the lodge as Jacob, head into the kitchen, and the camera will switch to reveal the tarot card.

Chapter 2

Quarry Tarot Card for the Hanged Man

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The Hanged Man

While playing as Nick, choose to take the rocky road with Abi. Successfully complete the quick time sequences, and after that, the camera will shift to show you the card on a ledge above.

Chapter 3

Quarry Tarot Card for the Star

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The Star

When looking for towels as Jacob at the boathouse, walk towards the canoes near the pier to reveal the card.

Chapter 4

Quarry Tarot Card for the Tower

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The Tower

While playing as Abi in the woods, she'll start to hear voices, and a cutscene will play. Once it's finished, continue forward and the camera will shift to reveal the card in a tree.

The Magician

As Emma on the island, make your way down the stairs to the dock. Near the edge, the camera will reveal the card stuck to it.


When the group of counsellors are re-entering the lodge, the camera will briefly reveal the card stuck to the leg of a table.

Chapter 5

Quarry Tarot Card for the Devil

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The Devil

When investigating the cabins as Dylan, head towards the central picnic tables to reveal the card slotted against one of the table legs.

The Hermit

Upon arriving at the radio hut as Dylan, look to the left side of the building and the large antenna. When you approach it, you'll see a card stuck to one of its legs.

Chapter 6

Quarry Tarot Card for the Tower

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Walking along the wooden bridge as Jacob, take the steps down, and head left to reveal the card against one of the bridge's struts.

The Moon

When you enter the bathroom as Abigail, investigate the central shower stall, and the camera will shift to reveal the card stuck to the side of a locker.

Chapter 7

Quarry Tarot Card for the World

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The World

In Laura's cell, head towards the bars to reveal the card stuck to the underside of the bed.

The Chariot

While exploring the police station as Laura, head into the open office with the chairs stacked on tables. If you walk between the central desks, the card will reveal itself stuck to a beam.

Chapter 8

Quarry Tarot Card for the Emperor

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The Lovers

After the rail-collapse cutscene in the mine with Ryan and Laura, head along the walkway and onto the small offshoot balcony. Standing here will pan the camera to reveal the card hidden higher up.

Wheel of Fortune

Also in the mine, you'll come across a small tunnel with a lantern. Head along it to reveal the card stuck to the wall.

The Empress 

When entering the Hackett house as Ryan, head into the room to your left. Investigate the table and chairs to reveal the card hidden in the room.

The Emperor

Also in the Hackett basement, walk along the lamp-lit tunnel lined with barrels and the camera will reveal the card when you're near the end.

Chapter 9

Quarry Tarot card for death

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After exiting the dumbwaiter as Ryan, head towards the birdcage in the bedroom and the wardrobe behind it. This should reveal the card hidden on top.

The Sun

As Laura, head up to the second floor, and go left until you find a deserted room with a circuit box. Walk towards the window and the camera will pan to reveal the card stuck to the outside of it.


After opening the gate to the scrapyard as Dylan, head inside, turn left, and make your way through until you find the staircase. Walk along the top of the shipping containers, and the camera will pan to reveal the card.

The Hierophant

When Abi is in the shelter, head towards the stairs, and the camera will pan to reveal the concealed card.

While The Hierophant reveals a special cutscene, it cancels out the other cards you picked up during this chapter.

Chapter 10

The High Priestess

As Kaitlyn in the lodge, head upstairs, left towards the kitchen, then up onto the next floor. Move towards the windows and the camera will reveal the card on a roof beam.

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