Punishing boss-rush game Eldest Souls drops a new trailer at Guerrilla Collective

Eldest Souls is a "challenging pixel art boss-rush game," according to its Steam listing—so challenging that it took our man 15 minutes and 12 deaths to beat the first enemy he ran into. If that sounds like your cup of punishment, then you're going to want to check out the new trailer that debuted today at the Guerrilla Collective livestream, showcasing a warrior with a sword that's way too big, facing off against enemies that are much, much bigger.

Publisher United Label Games makes no bones about it in the trailer description either, warning that players will "be overwhelmed by brutal, challenging encounters, in which only the most unrelenting will make it through." 

It sure sounds like that's true, but even so it looks promising: "Skipping all the in-between minion fluff to get right to the big boss battles is an intriguing, if humbling, take on the Souls-like genre," we said in our preview, although how it will hold up over the long term will depend largely on the depth provided by talent trees and magical shards that grant special abilities and powers.

Eldest Souls is listed on Steam and GOG, and expected to be out later this year. Hit up fallenflagstudio.com to find out more.

Andy Chalk

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