Phanteks built a gargantuan case supporting dual CPU mobos

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If you've been itching to build a dual CPU system that looks like a standard gaming box—albeit a very big one—Phanteks has a new full-tower chassis you might be interested in. It's the Enthoo Pro 2, and unlike your typical enclosure, it supports large SSI-EEB form factor motherboards.

For gaming, this is more of a 'gee-whiz' feature than a prudent one. Most SSI-EEB motherboards are ultra-pricey, with a few models selling north of $700 on Newegg. Then there is the cost of dual Xeon CPUs. It's a neat bullet point, but if you're looking to play and stream games, a strong consumer multi-core CPU is a better option, in terms of value.

The Enthoo Pro 2 also supports more commonly used (in the consumer space) E-ATX, ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX form factors. Of course, building a mini-ITX system inside this towering chassis might look a little silly with all that empty space.

Regardless, cooling should not be an issue. There are 15 fan mounts scattered about, for installing 120mm fans. Or you can go with 140mm fans, just less of them. Some of the fan mounts can be used for liquid cooling radiators instead—you can fit up to a 480mm rad in the front, up to a 360mm rad up top, up to a 360mm rad on the bottom, and another 480mm rad on the side.

It's also generous in the storage department, with support for up to 12 hard drives (3.5-inch) and 11 SSDs (2.5-inch).

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One other unique aspect is the front panel cover. Rather than go with a metal mesh cover, Phanteks is touting "high performance fabric" for better airflow. Specifically, it's made from a nylon fiber that Phanteks claims is both "rugged and durable."

Our friends at Toms Hardware reviewed the Enthoo Pro 2 and came away generally impressed, saving for being "unnecessarily big" and not coming with any fans.

This case has been a long time coming—Phanteks showed it off at CES, and it's finally up for preorder at Newegg, priced at $139.99 with a tempered glass window. A slightly cheaper version ($129.99) without a side window will be available soon.

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