PC hardware's best trade-show is 'confident' it will return to Taipei this year

Computex show floor photography
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The organisers of Computex, TAITRA, is confident that the exhibition will be in-person in 2022. That means we could see one of PC gaming's largest and most exciting tech shows may return to Taipei after two years out due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We are very confident that the onsite, physical show will return," said Li, a Computex Show manager, during a recent update video.

Li cited the country's high vaccination rate and last year's reopening of Taiwan's exhibitions as reasons why TAITRA was confident in the show's return.

It pays to have a backup plan, however. Computex 2022 is still set be a hybrid event: The physical show running from May 24–27, and the digital show, DigitalGO, from May 24 to June 6.

The show's organisers also teased a few potential appearances at the show: AMD and Nvidia have expressed interest in returning to Computex for 2022, as have Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, Micron, and MSI.

Computex has been host to many major tech company announcing their future PC gaming products and aspirations. Most of all, AMD has in the past used the show as opportunity to announce PC gaming tech, including RDNA GPUs; Ryzen CPUs; and, during last year's show, 3D V-cache processors.

Here's hoping there's something for us PC gamers out of the Taiwan tech show, which may feel somewhat invigorated by its return to an in-person event. 

That said, CES returned to Las Vegas this year, though due to the increased concern over the Omicron variant many companies dropped out or refused to attend the in-person event in the months preceding it. Companies such as AMD, MSI, Microsoft, and Intel.

That's the difficulty facing any event that brings thousands of people together: Covid-19 hasn't gone away and is still able to impact even the best laid plans. 

Computex show floor photography

(Image credit: Jacob Ridley)
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Here's hoping that Computex 2022 can return to some semblance of normalcy, though, providing the health and safety of those attending is given the utmost priority. I'm not just saying that as a huge fan of Taipei that really, really wants to go back, either. Though that definitely holds true. There's just something about Computex that feels like the heart of PC gaming as a hobby—modded PCs, strange components, and extreme overclocked builds are common on the Computex show floor. 

Where else are you going to see an gaming PC modded to look like an Apex loot box in front of a Heineken gaming PC that actually dispenses beer?

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