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PC Gamer US Podcast #330 - RPGs and Aliens

Evan returns from the depths of space to join Tyler, Omri, and T.J. in discussing all things Project Eternity . Also kind of a lot of things are coming out right now, and we go over the big ones including Torchlight II , Borderlands 2 , FTL , Black Mesa , and Mists of Pandaria . You'll also not just hear, but experience, updates on what's going on with BioWare and Bohemia , a new special segment in which T.J. administers shotgun blasts to the face to all of his coworkers, and extended FTL and XCOM discussion in Playlists.

All for the low, low price of absolutely nothing on this content-tastic episode, PC Gamer US Podcast 330: RPGs and Aliens !

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