PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 83 - Spacetime Knife-Fight Disco

Graham, Chris and Marsh discuss Kentucky Route Zero, Dark Souls, Deus Ex and more in the latest episode of the PC Gamer UK podcast. Also featuring Increpare's Slave of God, NVidia Project Shield, Piston and your questions from Twitter. Marvel as we identify an entire new genre of adventure games! Sigh with relief as Chris looks like he might be starting to talk about Mass Effect again, but doesn't! Shake your head slowly as, at a certain point, we forget entirely how to speak!

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Show notes

Chris Thursten

Joining in 2011, Chris made his start with PC Gamer turning beautiful trees into magazines, first as a writer and later as deputy editor. Once PCG's reluctant MMO champion , his discovery of Dota 2 in 2012 led him to much darker, stranger places. In 2015, Chris became the editor of PC Gamer Pro, overseeing our online coverage of competitive gaming and esports. He left in 2017, and can be now found making games and recording the Crate & Crowbar podcast.