CD Projekt Red and PUBG Corp abandon PAX plans amid coronavirus fears

(Image credit: Penny Arcade)

The spread of novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on gaming conventions, with a number of major exhibitors having pulled out of PAX East. The convention kicks off in Boston this Thursday, but both CD Projekt Red and PUBG Corp have announced at the last moment they won't attend, though neither had confirmed presences on panels or the showroom floor.

CD Projekt Red's North American head of communications, Stephanie Bayer, revealed the studio's decision in a tweet earlier today. "I just found out my team is cancelling our PAX East trip so I will NOT be at PAX East as previously planned," she wrote. The studio's next big game, Cyberpunk 2077, wasn't confirmed to be appearing at the convention.

Gamespot has also confirmed that PUBG Corp has canceled its PAX East 2020 commitments. These two join a growing list of PAX East cancelations from companies including Sony, Square Enix, Capcom, though the latter will go ahead with its planned Monster Hunter: Festa event.

GDC 2020 has already lost EA, Facebook, Sony, and Kojima Productions, including Hideo Kojima himself. 

Correction: This article originally reported that PUBG Corp had pulled out of GDC 2020. This reference has been removed, as the company was never scheduled to attend. A note has also been added to reflect that neither company had scheduled appearances on panels or the showroom floor.

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