Part 2 of the Endless Space dating sim is free on Steam

Love Thyself—A Horatio Story, an April Fools' joke turned into a real game, has received a new chapter, concluding the story of clones and romance. It's available now as an update to Part 1, and both are free. 

A Horatio Story is dating sim and visual novel navigating the complexities of working and finding love in a  society of clones based on one narcissist: Horatio. Despite its origins, it's not all played for laughs, and it actually does a good job of exploring one of Endless Space 2's most unusual factions. 

Part 2 promises more romance, new locations and multiple endings. There's a 'Super Secret Ending DLC', too, which is exclusive to Amplitude's Games2Gether programme. To unlock it you'll need to link the rewards page to your Steam account. 

Here's everything else featured in the update:

  • Discover new locations across Kappa Station. 
  • Meet new characters, some of them not even Horatio.
  • Four unique endings based on your actions and attitude.  
  • Get to know four uniquely identical Horatio, and perhaps more.
  • New achievements, for those among you who pursue perfection. 

Love Thyself—A Horatio Story is available on Steam now. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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