Earn D.Va sprays and an epic skin in the Overwatch Nano Cola Challenge

With the new Busan map now in testing on the Overwatch PTR, Blizzard is giving players a chance to earn some bonus D.Va sprays, an icon, and an epic skin in the Nano Cola Challenge. 

Win three games in Quick Play, Competitive, or the Arcade, and you'll earn an exclusive new spray; take six games and you'll also get a player icon; and at nine games won, the big prize of an epic D.Va Nano skin is yours too. 

Other sprays can be earned by watching partnered streams over the next two weeks. The first eligible stream, featuring Seagull, is actually live now on Twitch and runs until 4 pm PT/7 pm ET. 

Full details on the D.Va Nano Cola Challenge, including the schedule of spray-eligible streams, is up at playoverwatch.com. And in case you missed it, we've got a wrap-up of the Overwatch League All-Star Weekend—which actually went really well—right here

Andy Chalk

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