Overwatch update: Year of the Dog event brings some nice quality-of-life changes

There's a new Overwatch patch live today, primarily introducing the 2018 Lunar New Year event, Year of the Dog, which updates the Capture the Flag game type and adds a handful of rad new skins.

But that's not all that was added this patch. There's also a handful of excellent quality-of-life features, one of which the community has been requesting for a long time

At the start of an Overwatch match, players can now change their skin from the character select screen. 

The other change is small, but useful. You can now change the opacity level of waypoint objectives. It might not seem like much, but it can be really annoying when the bright waypoint indicator lines up just-so that it obstructs your aim. We just hope folks don't turn off the indicator completely—how else will they know where to get on the payload?