Our favorite 1440p monitor is on sale for less than $300 on Amazon

Our favorite 2K monitor is on sale for less than $300 on Amazon.
Save $40 on one of the top gaming monitors of 2021. (Image credit: Gigabyte)

Are you looking to upgrade? The Gigabyte G27Q is an impressive gaming monitor currently on sale for $290 on Amazon this week. This FreeSync display typically lists for $330, but Amazon has slashed the price to a low of $290. The G270Q sports a native resolution of 2560x1440, DisplayHDR 400, and comes with a ton of valuable features. 

That 1440p resolution at 165Hz (144Hz via HDMI) hits the sweet spot that we recommend for gaming. It's an excellent gaming monitor if you manage to snag yourself one of those new AMD RX 6800 GPUs or want to play your Xbox Series X at 2K/60Hz or 1080p/120Hz. The 27-inch IPS panel is also the size we recommend to give you a nice window into your games without taking over your entire desk.

I'm not the biggest fan of one of the specs here: DisplayHDR 400, which makes colors look washed out on most games supporting it. It's not true HDR, which requires a much brighter (and much more expensive) panel. I am a fan of a $290 price point, so I am willing to forgive the G27Q's weak HDR.

Gigabyte G27Q 27-Inch Monitor | 1440p | 165Hz | FreeSync | $330.99 $289.99 at Amazon (save $40)

Gigabyte G27Q 27-Inch Monitor | 1440p | 165Hz | FreeSync | $330.99 $289.99 at Amazon (save $40)
This modest-looking panel with a fast refresh rate and FreeSync Premium support was already a pretty good deal; taking an extra $40 off that price feels like cheating.  

Kizito's review of the display praises the G27Q's vibrant and smooth picture but knocks it for mundane design, which I don't entirely disagree with. Those thick bezels aren't the most flattering look in 2021. There's also a pair of helpful USB 3.0 ports along with a host of features like built-in hardware monitors that display fps, temperatures, and more. 

If you're on the fence about the Gigabyte G270Q or looking for something with a little more pizazz, check out the rest of our favorite gaming monitors of 2021 and see if anything tickles your fancy. 

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