Ooblets trailer shows off exploration, dancing and fashionable poop hair

Since the beginning, Ooblets has been all about adorable Pokemon-esque creatures, and also dancing. The trailer above, which debuted at this year's PC Gaming Show, stars both of those things, but it also gives us a look at parts of the game we haven't seen much of before. Inspired by life sims like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, Ooblets will let you customize your character and deck out your own house. Crucially, you can have hair that looks like a poop emoji (or soft serve ice cream, but let us live this dream for a moment).

Naturally, you can fill your house with furniture (and color coordinate) and then dance in it. Or you can dance in your pajamas, outside, in the snow. In the world of Ooblets, dancing, it seems, is encouraged anytime, anywhere.

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Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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