NZXT unveils three new cases and they all look dapper

If you are a fan of NZXT's S340 case, currently our favorite budget enclosure, then you will like the styling of the company's new H series cases. They feature a similar minimalistic look, but with updated amenities, such as pre-installed RGB lighting and pre-wired Aer F fans.

There are three new cases in all, each a different size to accommodate different types of builds. The largest of the three is the H700i, a mid-tower enclosure that is suitable for standard builds. Just below that is the H400i, a case for micro ATX builds, and the compact H200i for mini ITX motherboards.

All three come with a built-in Smart Device to control RGB lighting and fans speeds. Other shared features include a tempered side glass panel to show off your build, a new cable management system, an adaptive noise sensor that determines the ideal balance between fan speed and cooling, and an all-steel construction.

The H700i offers the most expansion slots (seven) and despite being a mid-tower, it supports E-ATX motherboards, up to 292mm / 10.7 inches. That's shorter than the official E-ATX spec, though most consumer E-ATX motherboards run shorter and should fit.

You can also fit up to seven 2.5-inch and three 3.5-inch drives in the H700i, along with graphics cards up to 413mm in length and CPU coolers up to 185mm tall. For cooling, it comes with three 120mm fans in the front and a 140mm fan in the rear. There is room to add two more 140mm or three 120mm fans up top.

The H400i is styled the same but has four expansion slots, four 2.5-inch drive mounts, and a single 3.5-inch drive bay. It can accommodate graphics cards up to 411mm in length and CPU coolers up to 164mm tall. And for cooling, it comes with two 120mm fans in the front and a 120mm fan in the rear, with the option of adding two 140mm fans up top.

As for the H200i, it's a smaller version of both other cases with two expansion slots. Nevertheless, it features the same drive configuration as the H400i. For cooling, it comes with two 120mm fans (one up top and one in the rear), and you can add two more 140mm or 120mm fans in the froknt.

GPU clearance is listed at up to 325mm, which is still long enough to fit most graphics cards. CPU coolers can be up to 165mm.

Only the H700i is available now, priced at $200. The NZXT will release in late November for $150, followed by the H200i sometime in the fourth quarter for $130. Color options include all black, white and black, and black with red or blue trim.

Paul Lilly

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