NZXT is building officially licensed themed cases like this Fallout Nuka Cola chassis

NZXT is partnering with game publishers to create themed versions of its popular cases, the latest of which is the H700 Nuka-Cola, the second officially licensed chassis in its new CRFT line.

Like the introductory H700 PUBG that came before it, NZXT is limited the release of its H700 Nuka-Cola to 2,000 units. It sports a custom paint job for Fallout fans, while retaining the same overall features and amenities found on the regular H700.

"NZXT’s commitment to bringing some of the most elegant and high-quality products to gamers made us very excited to work with them," said Michael Kochis, Bethesda Softworks’ Director of Licensing. "The passion and care poured into this case is clear, and we hope fans are excited to bring home a piece of the Wasteland."

There are some custom touches that extend beyond the artwork. Specifically, NZXT custom designed the I/O port with a circular air vent, metallic housing, and red LEDs. It also customized the cable management bar with a circular air vent and starts, and added a red LED NZXT logo on the PSU shroud.

Every case comes with a random Vault-Tech bobblehead figurine. In addition, NZXT is offering an all-metal, Nuka-Cola themed cover for its N7 Z370 motherboard, for users who want to go all-out on a Fallout build. That costs extra (as does the motherboard, of course).

Artwork aside, the H700 is an excellent case. We just wish these custom themed versions came with the smart controller that is found in the H700i, our pick for case of the year for 2017.

The H700 Nuka-Cola costs $299.99, which is twice as much as a regular H700. For those who are interested, it is available now direct from NZXT.

Paul Lilly

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