NZXT and Team EnVyUs consummate partnership with pimped out H440 case

If you follow the esports scene, then you're undoubtedly familiar with Team EnVyUs, a perennial pro gaming squad; among their list of achievements is a first place finish in CS:GO at the Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1. In an attempt to up its street cred in the esports category, case maker NZXT recently sponsored Team EnVyUs and today announced its first themed product to come from that partnership.

It's the H440 EnVyUs, a special edition version of NZXT's popular H440 mid-tower chassis donning a black, white, and blue color scheme and the Team EnVyUs logo on the front panel.

The Team EnVyUs H440 is one of two specially themed versions of the H440, the other being the H440 Razer, a mostly black model with Razer's logo on the front and a green under glow. There are also half a dozen other non-themed color options to choose from, plus an all-black one without a side window.

NZXT didn't go too crazy with the physical appearance of the Team EnVyUs H440. It's a mostly black case with some white and blue accents, and of course the team's badge displayed prominently. Other than the color scheme, it's the same as every other H440 case—it's a mid-tower with all-steel top and front panels, ample cooling options (supporting liquid cooling radiators up to 360mm on the front and top), and space for up to eleven 3.5-inch HDDs and eight 2.5-inch SSDs.

What's a little more interesting than the color scheme of the Team EnVyUs H440 is that NZXT is bringing attention to the esports category. "Being able to empower not just PC gaming but the esports community with quality choices for PC building is important to NZXT," says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. "That is why joining forces with Team EnVyUs made perfect sense for us. Their take on the H440, a case designed to allow anyone to create a build to be proud of, is a great choice for the eSports and PC gaming communities we are passionate about."

NZXT says you'll be able to pre-order the Team EnVyUs H440 soon for $140, a slight upcharge over the $120 price tag attached to non-themed models, but less than the Razer model that sells for $150.

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Paul Lilly

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