Nvidia tweets 'ProjectBeyond' and it's surely a teaser for the RTX 40 series

Today Nvidia sent out a cryptic tweet teasing something called ‘Project Beyond’. This is almost certainly a teaser for upcoming RTX 40 series graphics cards, or at least something to do with them. It came from the Nvidia GeForce account, so it’s surely not a teaser for an AI or datacentre product or technology. Also, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has already confirmed that Nvidia will reveal some RTX 40 related information at GTC 2022.

Huang is set to deliver a keynote at GTC 2022 on September 20, meaning it's just 12 days away at the time of writing. GTC (GPU Technology Conference) usually features a focus on developers and high-performance computing technologies, but it’s also been used to announce Nvidia’s new architectures.

We won’t really know just what Project Beyond really is until Jensen’s keynote, but with just 12 days remaining, we’ll no doubt see some more teasers by Nvidia on its social media channels.

Might we get a proper look at the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 or RTX 4070? A stylized video would have to be on the menu. We can expect some details on new RTX technologies, but it’s pretty unlikely we’ll see any benchmark data, and it's certainly not going to be an actual launch event.

In the meantime, we have a few details on the upcoming cards, though they tend to change quite often depending on the position of the moon in the sky. We can expect a major jump in performance for each SKU relative to its RTX 30 predecessor, with higher core counts, more VRAM and higher power consumption levels, though hopefully not to the silly levels that have been tossed about.

The event itself is set to be livestreamed and we’ll let you know when we get information and a link for the big reveal. Assuming it is a big reveal!

The hype is real.


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